Eastern Washington – American Life Series

“Eastern Washington – American Life Series”, 55 photos, 80 pages, available on,

After 3 years and a couple of travels to Eastern Washington here my second book. Special thanks to Lacey Clark-Cousins, Kari McKay, Todd Monson, Rory Williams, Lee Morrison and your families.

Thank you for trust, for having let me into your lives and your kindness & hospitality. you are beautiful people.A very special thank you to the people of Omak, Okanogan, Twisp, Hartline, Almira and Wilbur, Washington State. I love this region for the beauty of its landscapes and the warm heart of the people.

The book is sold at cost through Blurb and and includes 80 pages with 55 intimate photos of my time spent with these lovely people. enjoy it.


Streets of Atlanta – The Gate City

“Streets of Atlanta – The Gate City” available on,

Limited & hand-signed prints

High-quality framed prints (60x40cm) with aluminium frame 10mm, signed, limited & numbered series (max.30) on Artnolens platform under